Who’s Eligible?

Everyone 5 and up is eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine. For information on who is elidgable for booster shots, visit here.

For more information on eligibility and for any questions you may have please visit the Dane County Public Health website.

Where can I get vaccinated or boosted?

There are several options some of which include:

  • Area pharmacies: Community pharmacies and those participating in the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program might have vaccine availability. Check with your local pharmacy such as Pick-n-Save or Walgreens
  • Your healthcare provider: Visit your provider’s website for more instructions. Keep in mind that there is a limited supply, so it may take time to get an appointment.
  • The Alliant Energy Center:
    Vaccine appointments for people 5+ are available at the Arena at Alliant Energy Center, which is now run by AMI Expeditionary Healthcare. Appointments are encouraged.
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