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Armed security to patrol Madison Community Development Authority housing properties

  • Read our summary of this article here:
    • The Madison Community Development Authority will contract two armed security guards to patrol housing properties on Madison’s east and west sides (Baird Fisher Apartments, Romnes Apartments, Britta Park Apartments, Webb Rethke Apartments and Truax Apartments). The contract will be in place for one year, “but can be renewed an additional four times.”
    • The security guards will be responsible for “patrolling the interior and exterior of buildings’ parking lots; reporting suspicious, irregular, or illegal activities to law enforcement; enforcing the appropriate CDA policies and acting as a first responder to all emergencies at the housing properties as needed.”
    • CDA Deputy Director, Deborah Rakowski, said the the proposal was a continuation of past services.
    • District 13 Alder Tag Evers voted against the proposal arguing that is shows “society using more guns to prevent crimes.”
    • Before deciding on the proposal, the CDA surveyed residents and found that opinions regarding unarmed security guards was 50/50. They found no overwhelming support and opposition to armed security guards in the housing complexes.
    • While there was discussion on the possibility of security guards carrying non-lethal weapons, this option did not take off, Evers said.

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